Hot Dip Galvanizating Standard ASTM A153

Apex pole line hardware are hot dip galvanized according to latest ASTM A153

1. Minimum Coating Thickness

The minimum coating thickness conform to the requirements prescribed in the below table:

Hot Dip Galvanizating Standard ASTM A1531

2. Threaded Articles—The zinc coating on threads are not subjected to a cutting, rolling, or finishing -tool operation, unless specifically authorized by the purchaser. In order to meet overtapping allowance, tapping the threads of nuts or tapped holes after galvanizing is allowed.

3. Touch-uo and Repair—Bore spots have an area totalling not more than 1% of the surface area to be coated excluding threaded areas of the piece and the bare spots do not include any threaded areas of the piece. The thickness of the repair is equal to the surrounding galvanized coating except for repairs made by paints containing zinc dust in which case the thickness of the galvanized coating requireed for the class of material, but is not greater than 4.0 mils(100um)

4. Workmanship, Finish and Appearance

The zinc-coated articles are free from uncoated areas, blisters, flux deposits, dross inclusions and other types of projections that would interfere with the intended use of the articles, or other defects not consistent with good galvanizing practice.

The zinc coating is smooth and reasonably uniform in thickness.

The zinc coating adhere tenaciously to the surface of the base metal.

Determine adherence of the zinc coating to the surface of the base metal by cutting or prying with the point of a stout knife, applied with considerable pressure in a manner tending to remove a portion of the coating. The adherence shall be considered inadequate if the coating flakes off in the form of a layer of skin so as to expose the base metal in advance of the knife point.

5. Sampling

Test specimens are selected at random from each inspection lot.

The method of selection and sample size shall be agreed upon between the galvanizeer and the purchaser. Otherwise, the sample size selected from each lot shll be as follows:

Number of Pieces in Lot Sample Size
3 or less all
4 to 500 3
501 to 1200 5
1201 to 3200 8
3201 to 10000 13
10001 and over 20

Post time: Nov-23-2018